Step 1: Create a Space

Space is designed to be your dedicated page on Galaxy, with all your NFT programs and Galaxy OAT events.

Last updated on December 21, 2021

Create your dedicated space on Galaxy

  1. Click "Galaxy Space" from the left dropdown list
  1. Select "Create a New Space" to create a new space.
  1. Fill up the space information accordingly (*Introduction refers to Protocol/Project Description)
  1. Fill up the primary admin information (Primary Admin of Protocol/Project)
  1. Click "Create"
  1. Confirm to create space by clicking "Sign" on the signature request
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Update Space Info

  • After the space is created, the user can check all the information in their accessible spaces.
  • All information can be updated by clicking the respective feature (Name, Logo, etc.).
  • The primary admin can add additional admins to the space. The additional admin addresses will have the same access as the primary admin (Including all-access such as update/delete/retrieve/create).

Add / Remove Admin

  1. Click the "Admin wallet address" feature
  1. Input the additional admin wallet address and select "+"
  1. Remove existing admin wallet address by selecting "x"
  1. Click "Update"
  1. Confirm to update the information by clicking "Sign" on the signature request
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