Step 4: Upload an NFT Template

Show off your sick NFT designs on Galaxy

Last updated on January 4, 2022

What is NFT Template?

  • Once the NFT Core has been created, users can upload the NFT design to the NFT template, which can later used for campaigns.
  • Each NFT Core can create multiple NFT and the NFT could be in image or video format.
  • If the NFT collection has attributes, please provide Galaxy the metadata using the OpenSea standard in JSON file or you may use this spreadsheet template. (Image, name, attributes are required and others are optional.)

Create an NFT Template

  1. Click "Create a New NFT Template"
  1. Select the file format under "NFT Media File" and upload the image or video (Image/Video size, recommended 5:6)
  1. Fill up the name of an NFT (For e.g. Shadowy Coder NFT)
  1. Select the respective NFT Core
  1. If needed, turn on the "Attribute" and add the "Name" and "Value"
  1. Click "Save"
  1. Confirm to create the NFT template by clicking "Sign" on the signature request
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