Galaxy ID

Your Web3 LinkedIn with credentials from different communities across blockchains

Last updated on January 17, 2022

To put this in the most simplest way as possible, Galaxy ID is aiming to become your Web3 LinkedIn. Project Galaxy is a miracle space where digital credentials float around, and we are now taking them to another level.


For all the users on Galaxy,

  • Galaxy ID can be your universal username that will represent your multichain/multiwallet identities in Web3.
  • You can display the credentials collected in the Web3 world and showcase the history of your achievements.
  • As a metaverse DID, developers can integrate Galaxy ID toolkit and offer customized features to users based on users’ digital credentials, or simply enrich user profiles in the product. This will open up a lot of possibilities and redefine the future of Web3.

The alpha version of Galaxy ID is live. Visit to get started.

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