Galaxy Modules

Project Galaxy supports multiple modules to gamify your NFT campaigns, loyalty campaigns, and enable additional utilities and benefits for users based on their credentials.

- NFT Mystery Box

NFTs can be distributed through “Mystery Box”. Participants will receive random NFTs from the boxes. It helps promote community engagement and retention.

- NFT Forging

With the forging module, existing NFT holders can forge multiple NFTs into ones that represent higher level of contribution. The module can be used as a level-up system for NFT holders.

- NFT Launchpad (Initial NFT Offering)

Galaxy Initial NFT Offering (INO) allows creators to raise funds by offering initial NFT sales with custom whitelist based on users' credentials and fixed pricing structure.

- Dynamic Loyalty Points NFT

Dynamic loylaty points NFT modules allow developers to dynamically update the metadata of the NFT badges, creating a "Membership Card" experience for the community to keep engaging and contributing to the protocol.

- Exclusive Content: Add exclusive content in the NFT

The exclusive content module allows credential-based NFT issuers to add exclsuive content in the NFT that only viewable by the NFT holders.

- Collab Land: Gated chat access

NFTs created on Project Galaxy can be used as keys for holders to unlock gated chat channels on Discord and Telegram via Collab Land bot.

- MetaFactory: Merch access

Want to enable merch access for your NFT holders? No problem. Our native integration with MetaFactory provide smooth user experience for users to redeem merch directly using the NFT created on Project Galaxy.

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- Snapshot: Voting w/ NFTs

Design a customized governance strategy for your community/DAO by allowing users to vote with NFTs. With the native voting strategy on created by Project Galaxy team, community admins can create strategies and assign special voting power to different NFTs based on their attributes/campaigns on Project Galaxy.

- Perk Center: A benefit center for your community

Offer a basket of benefits to your token holders, NFT holders, and community members based on their on-chain credentials. The Perk Center module enables a "offer wall" experience for your loyal users.